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We aim to provide high quality healthcare services in psychiatry. We are aware of the importance of a correct and sensitive approach to our clients, and also mutual trust. We arrange each appointment with our client in advance for a long enough time. We offer discretion and sufficient intimacy.

Our services

We are at your disposal, if you suffer from a psychical problem, which occurs as result of an external event or spontaneously, without an obvious reason.


We will help you to overcome disorders related to anxiety, mood, sleep or cognition, or other psychiatric conditions which may cause decreased functioning at work or in your private life.


At our initial appointment we discuss and assess your problems and clinical status. We eventually recommend further examinations. If your status requires, we recommend adequate treatment options, medication or/and psychotherapy. We provide advice on adjustments in your daily regimen. In order to achieve the improvement and further maintain the treatment effect, it is usually important to regularly follow your state and sometimes adjust the treatment if needed.


We can also advise to people, whose close relatives suffer from mental illness.


About us

MUDr. Silvia Ondrušová


I completed my medical studies at Comenius University in Bratislava in 1995. After a short engagement at the centre for additive disorders, I have started my carrier at the Clinics of Psychiatry at the University Hospital in Bratislava, where I still partially work today. I did my specialisation in Psychiatry in 1998. Motivated by my interest in broader, psychological aspects of treatment of patients suffering from psychiatric problems, I entered a long term training program in psychotherapy. I successfully completed that by certification in 2013.


MUDr.Matej Ondruš


I completed my medical studies at Comenius University in Bratislava in 1999. Thereafter, I worked as a physician at psychiatric wards in Psychiatric Hospital Veľké Zálužie and University Hospital in Bratislava. I did my specialisation in psychiatry in 2003, when I started my practice in an out-patient clinic. I completed my post-graduate studies in medicinal clinical research at Vienna Medical University in 2016. I have spent part of my carrier working on projects investigating and developing medicinal products for psychiatric and neurologic conditions.


Beside of Slovak, we also fluently speak English, German and Hungarian.

First appointment (60min): 90 EUR

Control appointment (30min): 40 EUR

Contact details

simaMENT s.r.o.
Psychiatrická ambulancia
Záhradnícka 4, 811 08 Bratislava
Tel.: +421 (0)917 128 343


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